The Republican Party Bullshit Meter

Official Bullshit Meter Meter this. The republican GOP deficit bankrupt party is nothing but bullshit. Its mission is a total scam representing fraud, deceptiveness and a miserable misrepresentation to its supporters.  And it's deception what they know and what they do the best. Their God forbid they actually legislate any significant policy to benefit its constituents.

And thus, here's where our bullshit meter comes into play. You'll see it come up a whole lot on this site. Get use to it as I'll assign articles pointing out when and where the insignificant right gives you a false sense of security to believe them.

They've learned to assemble an arsenal of weapons and tools to achieve their political objectives without having to waste their time on significant thought.  

And their number one weapon of mass deception, used most to manipulate its constituents?  Religion! The Republican party uses religion as their main predatory weapon to manipulate tens of millions of Americans into supporting economic policies that don’t benefit them.


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Republican Hate & Money

The republican's hate princess Ann Coulter peddles hate to people who are convinced to vote Republican, even though it's against their best interests.

Their passion is money and to utilize any mechanics obtainable to achieve it... most often at the expense of audacity and those who cherish it.

So you ask, "is that god-like"?  Yes, it is to them. Because they believe they're the righteous and deserving because of what they have is a result of rewards for their beliefs, and they make no excuse for their accountability.