Republican lies, distortion and their blatant hypocrisy exposed.

Bullshit Alley GOP Lies & Distortion


The republican party is masterful at deception. They know and they understand their constituents. And they know how to manipulate them.   Manipulation is their game and that's no bullshit.

They've learned to assemble an arsenal of weapons and tools to achieve their political objectives without having to waste their time on significant thought.  

And their number one weapon of mass deception, used most to manipulate its constituents?  Religion! The Republican party uses religion as their main predatory weapon to manipulate tens of millions of Americans into supporting economic policies that don’t benefit them.

Republican Deception

‘The News Is Real. The President Is Fake’
Let's be clear: Trump's "fake news" obsession is about HONEST news coverage that is unfavorable to him.

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Daily Presidential Tracking Poll [Updated] 


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